Shane Eagle Reacts To Being Accused Of Sounding American Like J.Cole

Shane Eagle finally opens up about accusations of sounding American like J Cole.

No matter how successful you are as an artist, there is always criticism from people who feel you’re not doing enough. Almost every artist on the scene has had their fair share including Shane Eagle.

The “Paris” hit maker is constantly criticised for not sounding local like several other rappers on the SA Hip Hop scene. Shane has constantly been accused of sounding more like J Cole. Finally, he has reacted to the criticism. Contrary to what you’d think, they dont make him feel bad at all.

In fact, he’s happy to be compared with greatness. The “Dark Moon Flower” hit maker called the criticism the “most natural to make”. He also revealed that he doesn’t take them to heart because he believes art is subjective. Here’s what he had to say;

“I don’t see it as a criticism to associate me with greatness and I suppose that’s why the comparison seems like the most natural to make. I have also learnt in my time making music never to take critics or opinions personally (good or bad) because my art is subjective. It’s true to me.

“As long as the message is understood, I’m happy. I also think the sound in my music creates a bridge between opposing worlds and suggests that we can all connect through art and music regardless of where you were born. Maybe it’s all connected in the end and I happen to be the link,” 

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