Shane Eagle Says He’s The Greatest Rapper In Africa

SA Hip Hop star Shane Eagle makes a huge statement claiming to be the greatest rapper in Africa.

The SA Hip Hop scene boasts some of the most talented rappers in the continent, and there is no doubt about that. The South African rap scene proves to be the most active in the continent, and Mzansi is proud of that.

However, a lot of rappers in the country and all over the world often claim to be greater than others. Still, Mzansi isn’t arguing about that as long as they deliver when they ought to.

Shane Eagle is the latest rapper to label himself the greatest rapper in Africa. Taking to his X app account, he announced his forthcoming album “AKiRA” and later returned saying, “you can be the best I’ll take being the greatest rapper from my continent for now.”

Shane has not been very active with releases this year, but his fans have been patient with him. He stunned on the cover of GQ SA last month, and the reactions were dope. He also sent out a message to fans writing,

“to everyone who’s been down with me & all my beautiful fans, I just want to say thank you for listening to SHiRU , i can’t wait till you hear AKiRA – the greatest rap album yet.”

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