Shane Eagle Talks Spirituality & New Management

Shane Eagles talks about spirituality and new management

Shane Eagle talks spirituality and new management in recent interview with Slikour.

Have you ever waited to get the full details about something, and when you finally think you will, you end up lost again? That’s exactly how Shane Eagle’s most recent interview with SlikourOnLife made us feel.

Earlier this year, we were all shocked to hear that Mzansi rapper, Shane Eagle would no longer be managed by his Label, Eagle Entertainment. The label had released a statement confirming this and it led many to wonder why someone would create a label and not be managed by it.

Appearing in a recent interview with Slikour, the “Paris” rapper spoke about spirituality and new management. When the question of his recent involvement with J Cole’s Dreamville Records and his new management was brought up, he didn’t say much. He practically ran around in circles and said more would be revealed when the time is right.

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