Shashi Naidoo’s Gaza Comment Provokes Massive Trolling

Tempers are still pretty high and opinions are mixed over the ongoing war between Hams and Israel, with people, celebs or not, sharing their thoughts on it all. Shashi Naidoo happens to be one of the celebs who has shared her thoughts so far.

Apparently, back in 2018, she had made a comment about Gaza, where she likened it to a concentration camp. She also shared a lot more of her opinions about Gaza, which would likely rile a lot of people on the Israeli side for their lack of factuality.

She reportedly apologised for the 2018 post but that has not ended the whole controversy the post generated. Her desire to visit Israel was severely hampered by a ban.

Naidoo is currently facing a lot of trolling for what supposedly happened a while back. But then, she has some social media users backing her in her advocacy online. You can check out the posts below.

The Israel-Hamas war – yes, it is a war between Israel and the terrorist group and not a war with Gazans – started when Hamas terrorists numbering about 3,000 invaded Israel from the land, air and sea on October 7 and laid waste to much of the Israeli communities bordering Gaza.

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