Shaunmusiq, Ftears & Xduppy Release ‘Bhebha’ Visuals

Piano hitmakers Shaunmusiq, Ftears & Xduppy have released a music video for their latest hit, “Bhebha.”

We love how much the Piano scene has continued to dominate the airwaves despite early projections. It has also seen the rise of more hitmakers on the scene. ShaunMusiq and Ftears have also gained recognition for their music.

The talented duo has collaborated with big artists and earned praise for their work. With Xduppy, their song “Bhebha” was certified platinum last week. We must say they deserve it because of the amount of work they put in.

Shaunmusiq, Ftears, and Xduppy have released a music video for “Bhebha.” Slikour reports that they dressed up like Skhothane (a term used to refer to a sub-culture in various townships) in the video. Skhothane is known for self-expression and trying to outdo others. In the video, they are filmed wearing expensive clothes, dancing, and wasting food. Check it out below.

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