Shauwn Mkhize Teaches American Singer Karyn White Mzansi Dance Moves – Watch

South African businesswoman and reality show star Shauwn Mkhizw is seemingly telling her compatriots and anyone who cares to pay attention that she is here to have a good time and not even her recent tax trouble would stop that.

Well, that was what her recent dance video with the American singer Ka=ryn White suggests. The songstress was visiting and spent some time with the South African at her lounge. The two had a wonderful time, with Mkhize teaching her American counterpart her dance moves.

Taking to Instagram soon after, the Royal AM boss shared the clip from that moment. In the caption to the post, she noted Karyn was in town and wanted to learn some South African dance moves from her, Mkhize. Well, she was more than happy to oblige and the two had a wonderful time dancing.

South Africans appeared pleased with the clip of the two dancing, as seen in the responses to the post so far – over 105k likes and more than 100 comments. You can check out the post below.

Shauwn Mkize is easily one of South Africa’s most glamorous women. it is unclear if she specifically invited the American, but she sure as hell had a blast with Karyn.

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