Shauwn Mkhize Tells Her Story In New Memoir, “My World, My Rules”

“My World, My Rules” is one book many South Africans were looking forward to after businesswoman and socialite Shauwn Mkhize announced its imminence. Well, the book is here finally, and there is understandably great excitement over it.

How well do you know the woman behind the book? While her life appears to be like an open book, given how much she shares on social media, there are so many hitherto unknown aspects of her life documented in that book.

On the pages of “My Life, My Rules,” she holds her reader by the hand and leads them into many aspects of her life, including her success story. It is Mamkhize as you probably never knew her.

Speaking on how she came to write the book, she noted that it took her a year to work on it. And through that project, she had to confront and deal with her fears. In retrospect, it was one journey she loved because it was therapeutic.

For those who want a copy, the businesswoman announced on her verified Instagram page that it is now available. People can grab copies from their local bookshops or via exclusive books.

If you’re a Shauwn Mkhize fan, surely you know what to do.

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