Shawn Mendes Losses SUV To Robbers While He Was Home With Camila Cabello

Daredevil robbers broke into Shawn Mendes’ apartment in the Los Angeles area and made away with his G- Wagon.

The “There’s Nothing Holding Me Back” musician was reportedly in the apartment with girlfriend Camilla Cabello at the time the robbers broke in and bilked him.

Today reports that although the incident has been reported to the police, no arrests have been made yet.

Shawn and Camilla have an interesting relationship.  Shawn recently made it known that it took five years for him to realize he was in love with his current girlfriend. Reflecting on 2015 when they had a joint interview, Shawn said he couldn’t accept that  he was in love with her then.

Three years after that joint interview, however, he finally admitted he had feelings for Camilla. Looking back, it is one of the best decisions he has made. He credited Camilla with the courage he now has to speak from his heart and be vulnerable.

The result has been a strong bond between them. Now, unlike before, Shawn readily admits he’s seriously, truly in love with Camilla.

While they continue on their love journey, they’re of course looking forward to recovering the asset the robber snapped from them. Stay tuned for details.

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