Shayne, Shaina, Mal, Sal, Nick, Natalie, & All the Drama from the Love is Blind Reunion

Last season of Love is Blind was a big hit with viewers. The reunion episode had fans on the edges of their seats as well – but it wasn’t all giggles and bottles.

Shake snapped attention with his behavior which both the cast of the show and viewers think was just plain egregious. He wouldn’t agree, though, and he spent time defending his words. But it wasn’t enough to stop Nick from unfollowing him on Instagram.

“You’re so unbearable. You think everybody thinks the same way as you, and that’s the problem. No one thinks the way you think. And it hurts people.”

Shayne confesses to be the sex addict of the house and has no qualms revealing he had designs od Shaina. Asking a female what she’s wearing is not an innocent question. Or is it? Lol.

Sal and Mal were to have gotten married, but they didn’t click on their wedding day. But they are not giving up just yet. They decided on a date to see if things work out this time.

Kyle is seriously in love with Deepti and he confesses that his biggest regret is in not having proposed to her.

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