Shebeshxt Reacts To Eugene Khoza’s Comments On Podcast And Chill

Media personality Eugene Khoza provoked more than raised eyebrows from trending rapper Shebeshxt over his comments following an appearance on Podcast and Chill With MacG.

During the appearance, Khoza spoke about all he knew about the Limpopo rapper, pointing out that he doesn’t care about the rapper and his people but he gets scared seeing them around.

Shebeshxt saw the clip and decided to respond to it in a TikTok video. reacting to Khoza, he pointed out that people are at liberty to say what they want to say about him. As far as he is concerned it is not something that would somehow make him lose sleep.

His take split South Africans into two. While some of them supported Khoza and what he had to say about the rapper and his fans, some stuck with Shebeshxt, encouraging him to remain the person he is and not try to change to impress or please anyone or people to have some set narratives about him. You can check out the video below.

By the way, Shebeshx recently failed to show up at a gog and had to apologise for his absence. He claimed he was denied access to the venue and had to leave. But he promised to return another time

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