Shebeshxt Says He’s Like 2Pac

Mzansi rapper Shebeshxt reacts to the hate he gets and says 2Pac was hated the same way as he is.

Shebeshxt is no stranger to sharing his opinion. He has earned a reputation as a bad egg in the SA Hip Hop scene, often filmed assaulting his fans and doing things that make people criticize him. Still, he is well loved by some including Emtee.

The star took to his Instagram page and reacted to the hate he gets, writing,

“They hated 2Pac the very same way,” 🤧🔫💣🔥”

Shebe opened up about the people he has assaulted in an interview on L-Tido’s Podcast, saying he harbours no hatred towards them. He also claimed that many of his viral videos were misrepresented by fans.

“I’m not fighting with them. I hit them once just to show them I am not fighting and to tell them to relax and not start with me,” he said.

“For them, it’s fun, for me it’s work. So when they try to provoke me at work it makes me think they want to make me lose work and go hungry. I don’t hate you, I love you. It’s just that you are under the influence and I want you to wake up.”

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