Shebeshxt Threatens to Beat Dance Star Skomota in New Video

A new video of musician Shebeshxt threatening to be dance sensation Skomota angers Mzansi. They are also that he be left alone.

Shebeshxt has not been on the good side of the fans this year. The star has been in and out of trouble with Mzansi and he never makes it easy for them to forgive him and move on from what he did because he always does something new.

Shebe is known for assaulting his fans who he has accused of being the problem. This time, he has his eyes set on Skomota. The rapper was recently seen in a video threatening to beat up the dance sensation.

In the video shared by MDN News, he addressed Skomota concerning accusations that he stole the dancer’s girlfriend. Shebe then denied the rumour and said that he wanted to get into a physical fight with Skomota. Unfortunately for him, Mzansi was not feeling his rant and they slammed him the comments. They called for Skomota to be left alone.

@Captain_Champu wrote, “Tired of seeing these people on my TL! Send him to jail le yena Skomota we will figure out the charges later.”

@TMNLMNKRL also commented, “Who does he think he is threatening everyone? I need someone to set a good example and show him that he can’t do anything.”

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