Shekhinah’s Cryptic Message Hints At Shaky Relationship With Sony Music

Musicians falling out of love with their record labels and contracts is nothing novel, but there is usually great interest when the said musician is a famous one. Well, South African singer Shekhinah may just have hinted about her relationship with Sony Music and that she might not be happy with the deal she got. It was all encapsulated in a cryptic message, “SBWL.”

Reacting to a tweet by the up-and-coming musician Nanette that life sucks, but she was still happy to have gotten out of her deal with Universal Music, Shekhinah had dropped the cryptic phrase, “SBWL.”

The phrase is contracted from the Xhosa “sabaweli,” which means to crave, yearn, or desire for something. In order words, it implies that Shekhinah herself was craving for her deal with Sony Music to end as soon as people.

Cryptic though her statement was, many understood it and implored her for more details about her relationship with Sony, as they would love to learn from her experience.

Shekhinah's Cryptic Message Hints At Shaky Relationship With Sony Music 2

Although the call has been strong for Shekhinah to spill it all out for the world, she remains circumspect about sharing the details with the public at this point. But we’ll share whenever she speaks.

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