“She’s Very Private Person”, AKA Brags About His New Girlfriend Nelli Tembe

AKA brags that his new bae is a very private person

brags about his new bae, being a very private person.

Lately, we have conformed to going along with whatever says he wants because he’s the boss. The Monuments star introduced Mzansi to his girlfriend earlier in the year which caused a lot of backlash but it didn’t stop.

He has still held on to his woman, and spent some his time with her. If you’ve ever wondered why we dont see them taking loads of pictures for the gram, it’s probably because she’s a “very private person”. At least that’s what told a fan recently.

The “Energy” rapper dedicated his new song “Cross My Heart” to her while sharing a photo with her on . When a follower on asked if she would appear in the song’s music video, he replied saying she won’t because she’s a “very private person”. At least we know who she is.

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