Shimza And His Team Launch New Office (Video)

Mzansi DJ, and his team launch a new office.

Honestly, is winning and we love to see. The Mzansi hit maker is undoubtedly one of the hardest working celebrities in the country. He also has a list of credits to prove this. This year, he has been chasing the bag, and there is no doubt that he’s getting it.

Despite the lockdown, and his team recently announced the launch of a new office. Apparently, he belongs to a new creative agency owned by four people. That includes two men and two women. He shared a photo of himself sitting in the new office called “Just Exists Creative Agency”.

He captioned the post “Don’t Just Exist, Phila! Because #TheresNoWrongWay”. has honestly proven that there is nothing he cannot pull off. He continues to put in work, and establish businesses. This has us wondering what he’ll do next.