Shimza And PH Re-introduces Lockdown House Party As Mzansi Goes On Nationwide Lockdown Again

Mzansi’s DJ Shimza and PH have reintroduced their following the reinforcement of lockdown measures in South as a result of the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic.

The pair introduced when South African went on lockdown for the first time. In a reflective moment, DJ Shimza had stated he had to think out of the box for the idea of the party.

He didn’t have to think out of the box this time, though. He only had to re-implement what he had thought out previously. The was an avenue to keep South entertained during the lockdown.

Fans get to watch their favourite artists perform without having to leave their homes, thus limiting human contact and the spread of the coronavirus.

DJ Shimza announced the return of the in a recent Instagram post. According to the celebrated DJ and producer, the Lockdown House Party holds every Friday and Saturday from 1800 hours to 00:00.

By the way, DJ Shimza once complained that the government refused to fund the Lockdown House Party which would limit human contact and correspondingly the spread of the virus.

It is unknown if the government has agreed to fund the Lockdown House Party

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