Shimza Lashed For Supporting President Ramaphosa After Family Meeting

A little dram is playing out online, and it appears like there’s not going to be an end to it soon. Celebrated disc jockey and producer DJ Shimza has been severely criticized for supporting President Cyril Ramaphosa’s new lockdown regulations.

In a recent announcement – which the president would rather call family meeting – the president had spelled out new lockdown regulations for the nation. Shimza, who had earlier called out the minister of culture Nathi Mthethwa for ignoring his proposals to curb the spread of coronavirus, applauded the president’s initiative.

In a tweet, the “Dark Caves” crooner stated that the president balanced things out. Apparently some fans were unimpressed by Shimza’s take on the subject, and they dragged him for his opinion.

Some Twitter users insisted the president didn’t balance things out at all. Others are of the view Shimza supported the president because he didn’t touch his bread.

It’s not all opposition to Shimza, though. Some of his fans shared his opinion, stating the president did just right with his new lockdown regulations. Online, the debate continues, with Shimxa still holding to his opinion.

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John Israel A

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