Shimza Speaks on How “Must Fall” Pushed Him To The Zenith of His Career

When some peeps trended the hashtag #ShimzaMustFall, they imagined they were going to arrest the fortunes of house disc jockey and producer DJ Shimza. Ironically they ended up causing the opposite.

Instead of being discouraged, Shimza was apparently inspired by the hashtag and the hate to be the best he can be. He revealed this much in a recent tweet, stating the hashtag merely gassed him up to work harder.

And harder he did work. The results are apparent for all to see today. He is no longer your local champion but an international DJ, flying around the world for gigs. The money is rolling in, too, as Shimza has, among others, a G Wagon.

Besides the roles of DJ and producer Shimza also occupies the office of a singer. He’s got many songs to his name already, including “Dark Caves.” He is famous for his One-Man Show as well.

By the way, he is on the lineup for tonight’s Lockdown House Party.

Looks like his story might serve as inspiration for younger artistes facing similar challenges – or those doubting their gift and gradually backing off from continuing with their careers.

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