Shimza To Expand On Lockdown House Party With Live Music Experience

Shimza takes things up a notch with the Lockdown House Party by creating Live music experience

set to change the game beyond the by creating a Live music experience.

Guys, we think all of Mzansi is about witness make magic very soon. From what we hear, he’s taking over television with a Live music experience that would hit harder than the .

First off, shoutout to him for making the Lockdown Party what it is today. Because of the popular hit maker, we all have something to look forward to every single weekend. Now, he’s set to introduce something new to us yet again.

Taking to his and pages, he shared photos from what looks to be a set with popular Vocalist, in view. He revealed that it was actually a set for a show on TV. We are guessing it is going to feature a live music experience. We can’t wait to hear more.

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