Shimza Travels In A Private Jet To Avoid Being Infected With Corona Virus

Shimza travels in a private jet in a bid to avoid contracting corona virus.

Corona virus is a pandemic outbreak that has spread across several countries of the world and led to several deaths. Since it can be contacted through mere physical contact with a carrier, people have taken careful measures when they are in public places.

South African musician, Shimza, is no exception. DJ has a scheduled engagement but he would not let the virus outbreak disrupt his appointment. What more would the wealthy and talented musician do than hop onto a private jet?

South Africans were taken by surprise when they heard that would fly on a private jet to prevent being inflicted by the corona virus.

The popular DJ took to his page to state that he cannot risk flying in a plane with Italians, as the corona virus is widely spreading in Italy.

As much as is taking precautions to prevent contracting the virus, he recently made an insensitive post on his social media page, which made call him out and advise him. Shimza had made an insensitive joke about a child delivered in Zimbabwe, who was named corona virus and Blaklez had advised him to avoid joking on sensitive issues because it could cause a false alarm.

Regarding his precaution to avoid getting in contact with the virus, Shimza wrote on his page:

Can’t risk possibly flying with people from Italy.

Shimza is definitely an artist who loves his job and would risk anything to maintain his prominence in the music industry. The talented DJ recently made history as he did a 72-hour unstoppable set with his fellow DJ, PH. Their performance was widely-acclaimed by several music lovers.

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