Shimza Under Fire Over Government Cookout

“Dark Caves” crooner has come under the hammer of an unimpressed public following revelations that his restaurant Hang Awt was part of a cookout (paid for by the government) which has since been exposed as a sham. 

isn’t the only public figure being criticized, however. Controversial Idols SA judge Mhlongo has also been criticized for his involvement. 

Peeps questioning sn Somizi’s involvement in the cookout insist that due process was not followed. They insust there should have been proper bidding for the contract, and not government officials just giving  contracts to whoever they fancy. 

By the way, Shimza had also been called out by music executive Oya Baloyi. According to Nota, Shimza was using his political connections to secure gigs. 

On his part, Shimza thinks is toxic and should fix his heart. It appears like the exchange of words is. Not going to stop anytime soon. 

Last we checked has said anything about the controversy. If he should say anything, we’d bring you the juice. 

What do you think of Shimza partaking in the government cookout and the controversy it has elicited? You’re welcome to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.