Shiraaz Mohamed Returns Safely To South Africa After Escaping Captors in Syria

Photojournalist, Shiraaz Mohamed, returns home after three years of being imprisoned in Syria.

Shiraz Mohamed, a South African photojournalist has returned to the country after being held captive for virtually three years.

His family confirmed his safe return on Friday.

Mohamed’s family said in a statement:

Owing to his recent circumstances, he and our family are requesting that we begin some space. In due course and soon, we will issue a statement and engage with the media.

Shiraz Mohamed had been held captive since January 2017. He was captured while he was covering the war in Syria.

It was reported earlier this month that Shiraaz had fled from his captors. This was related by a humanitarian organization, Gift of the Givers.

Dr. Imtiaz Sooliman, the founder of Gift of the Givers, narrated that a man had informed him that Mohamed was with Turkish officials. As proof that Mohamed was alive and safe, they sent him two pictures.

Gift of the Givers said that details of his escape were incomplete, however, he had been helped by ‘friendly’ people who knew about his situation.

His family earlier aforesaid they were awaiting confirmation regarding his whereabouts following the escape. They were furious at first that news about his escape was released before they were assured of his safety.

The organisation denied putting his life in danger. On Friday, no one was able to reach Mohamed’s family.

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