Shivambu Reacts To Calls For EFF Members To Be Removed From JSC Panel

EFF Deputy President, Floyd Shivambu has reacted to calls for EFF members to be removed from the JSC Panel, “Apartheid judges must shut up”.

Since the JSF interviews began, there have been calls for EFF party leader and advocate Mpofu to be removed from the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) panel. These calls have mostly been from former Constitutional Court judge and director of Freedom Under Law Johan Kriegler.

Reacting to these calls, EFF Deputy President, Floyd Shivambu called them “barks”. In a tweet shared on Wednesday, February 2nd, Shivambu said that “There’s no EFF member who will be removed from the judicial services commission,”. He called Johan Kriegler and others, “hunting dogs of the white capitalist establishment”, and stated that they know “very well that the composition of the JSC is not decided by them and will not change”.

Shivambu further added, “He must get to the nearest lake and go jump. Apartheid judges must shut up. Our generation is not that sell-out generation that capitulated to everything dictated by settlers,”. TimesLIVE reports that Freedom Under Law, in a statement said Malema and Mpofu are not fit to pass judgment because they were subject to serious ethical charges. The organization said “Mr. Malema was recently found to have breached parliament’s code of ethical conduct,”

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