Sho Madjozi Remembers Her SAMA Wins One Year Ago Today

Sho Madjozi has come a long way in the music industry. From an obscure figure she has fought her way to prominence. Now she is everywhere, in your face! Not only is she famous right now, she is justly recognized as one of the most loved figures in the industry.

Last year (2019) was pretty eventful for her. It was the year of her debut album “Limpopo Champions League,” which clinched two SAMA (South Africa Music Awards) at an eventful ceremony in the Rainbow Nation.

It is exactly one year since that milestone in her music career. The singer, one of the top choice in MtvBase virtual concert “Africa Day,” looks back at 2019, when she won two SAMA awards, with great longing. She had cried on that day, which she described as the happiest in her life.

Her crush may not have been impressed with her sexy pictures, but Sho Madjozi is still a happy lady, happy in the success of her career. The trajectory of her career leaves no one in doubt it takes talent, dedication and pluck to claim a pedestal in South African music and retain that pedestal.

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