Sho Madjozi Shouts Out 6-Year-Old Lookalike with Her Face On Birthday Cupcakes

Sho Madjozi posts 6 year old lookalike fan with her face on her birthday cupcakes

Sho Madjozi shouts out a 6-Year-Old lookalike fan with her face on B’day Cupcakes.

Sho Madjozi is one celebrity who is loved by so many including little kids. She inspires us so much to live freely and be happy, and that has garnered her so many fans in just a little while.

She is one of many celebs whose fan bases have no particular age limits. She’s equally loved by the young and the old. The singer and rapper recently took to Twitter to show love to a 6-year-old fan who looked exactly like her. The girl who was celebrating her birthday had Sho’s trademark hair, and the rapper’s face on her birthday cupcakes.

Sho was so touched by the cupcakes that she had to retweet it. The singer is currently on the road performing at various gigs. She previously shared her gigs guide which shows she’ll be busy for a while.

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