Sho Madjozi Discusses Making Queen Sono Soundtrack With Sauti Sol

Sho Madjozi relates how she made a soundtrack with Sauti Sol for the 'Queen Sono' series.

The Netflix series, Queen Sono, has become one of the most recognized African series that is making waves worldwide. The series has been credited for relating the real African story and we can’t agree less.

Apart from the great dialogues, perfect story line as well as top-notch picture quality, another great feature to note is the sound tracks in Queen Sono and the way they align with the storyline.

Popular South African rapper, Sho Madjozi, featured on one of the sound tracks in the popular series. She featured on the soundtrack titled ‘Disco Matanga’ (Yambakhana), with Sauti Sol and Black Motion.

The ‘John Cena’ hitmaker, alongside Sauti Sol, stated in a recent interview with Expresso Show that the soundtrack Yambakhana means rebel. It, therefore, aligns with the main character of the series, Queen Sono, who is seen to be a rebellious woman.

When asked about her part of the song, Sho Madjozi explained the verses of Sauti Sol, which related an attack of a rebellious child. She stated that her verses corresponded to the voice of the rebellious child who refused to pay heed to advise, just like the Queen Sono character.

Sho Madjozi said:

So these guys are singing about a rebellious kid who does not listen…When its time to do my verse I’m like you know what instead of me attacking this kid, I’m gonna be that kid i’m that one who does not listen who doesn’t follow the rules. So I came to it I’m talking my staff and at some point I’m like the principal.. That to me does fit Queen Sono cause she doesn’t listen no one is gonna tell her what to do and she is very naughty.

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