Sho Madjozi To Make a Documentary About The Traditional Tsonga Attire

Sho Madjozi is making a documentary about the traditional Tsonga attire

is in the process of making a documentary about the traditional Tsonga attire, the xibelani.

In case you’re not South African but are a fan, you may have seen her rock a colorful flowy skirt that sort of jiggles when she dances. That’s the traditional Tsonga skirt called the “Xibelani”.

According to SAHipHopMag, Sho is making a documentary about the skirt worn when dancing in the Xitsonga culture. The “John Cena” rapper has achieved recognition for embracing the culture and taking it far beyond the boundaries of Mzansi. She’s since modernized it and made it “cool”.

Speaking about the documentary, she revealed she was inspired to film it because she debuted in the music industry wearing the xibelani. She also stated that she wants to take the culture and make it her own even after being criticized for it. Her aim is to protect the culture to avoid losing it to westernization so young people can adapt it to modern times. She said,

“I think the threat of us losing our culture to western influences has made it that we just protect it. We just hold on to the way it was then, instead of letting young people also evolve it and change”

Details about the documentary have yet to be revealed.

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