Shona Ferguson Honored By Connie & Daughters, Countdown To Foundation Gala Begin

Shona Ferguson might be dead but he continues to live in the heart of his family, which is about to honor him with the Ferguson Foundation.

In a recent post to Instagram, the foundation’s official page announced that the Ferguson Foundation gala lunch will hold at the Houghton in Johannesburg on Saturday, December 4, at 6 p.m.

Tickets are currently available but limited. So those who want to be present. So those who want to make it to the launch have been advised to get their tickets now by calling the number provided or by visiting the foundation’s official website.

Shona Ferguson died earlier this year from complications resulting from the coronavirus pandemic, seriously sharing the film industry in South Africa.

His wife Connie and his two daughters were gutted by his sudden passing. Connie in particular has been trying to get on with life with the support of scripture passages. Friends and family have been showing her massive love as well.

To cope with Shona’s absence, Connie has been sharing clips of her life with Shona when he was on the material plane. Some of the clips she’s shared are funny as hell. And she never fails to say that she was blessed to have had Uncle Sho for her husband.

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