Shona Ferguson: “Sun God” Who Foresaw Actors Death Reappears on Twitter

A South African man who had foreseen Shona Ferguson’s death has reappeared on social media, expressing contrition that he didn’t do enough to stop the movie producer’s death.

The man, who claims to be the incarnation of the Egyptian sun god Ra, and who goes by the handle @Rhadebelihle, had apparently warned that her husband’s death was imminent. He tagged her to his tweet but she didn’t respond.

Following the announcement of Shona Ferguson’s passing from COVID-19-related complications, the man had shared screenshots of his earlier tweet, as well as the link to it, letting Connie know he was sorry he didn’t do enough to prevent her husband’s death.

His tweet has gained massive traction on Twitter, with some tweeps wondering why Connie didn’t take him seriously when he shared the information about her husband’s imminent demise.

Some users turned the tweet into avenues for hilarity, asking the “Ra” if they would be rich in the future. Another lady encourage him to hurry to her DMs if he should see anything about her and her husband. Check the screenshots below.

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