Shooting Charges: A$AP Rocky Pleads Not Guilty, Hearing Scheduled For March 6

It is not yet uhuru for American rapper A$AP Rocky as he faces a shooting charge at the courts. But the songster continues to maintain his innocence, most recently pleading not guilty in court.

The songster appeared in court on Monday over the alleged shooting of a former member of the A$AP Mob, A$AP Relli, back in 2021. The two men used to be pretty close until things went south along the line.

A$AP became famous out of the members that made the group, and he seemingly neglected other members, which created bad blood of sorts – or so A$AP Relli presented it to be.

This led to an incident in which A$AP Relli claimed that Rocky threatened him and even fired at him. Luckily, he escaped what would have cost him his life.

However, while A$AP Relli insisted that the shooting incident took place and he was only lucky not to have been killed during the time, Rocky is adamant he isn’t guilty of what he’s accused of.

A Los Angeles judge held last year that there was enough evidence for Rocky to stand trial. With Rocky in court on Monday and pleading not guilty, a hearing is scheduled for March 6.

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