Show Opener: Bonang Reveals How Much She Splurged On Her Dress As Miss SA Host

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South African entrepreneur and media personality Bonang Matheba continues to set the record for her peers with the recent announcement that she would be wearing an R60k dress for the Miss SA ceremony, where she would serve as host.

While the sum appears “outrageous” for a cloth that she would most likely wear only once, those who are familiar with the HGouse of BNG boss will not be surprised, as that is actually part of her life – splurging on expensive clothing and standing out from the pack.

Bonang recently appeared on Metro Fm, where she talked about several aspects of her life, including the amount she spent on her dress for the show she will be hosting. By her account, she spent about $3.2k, which amounts to almost R60k – an impressive sum indeed.

When one of her interviewers expressed shock at the sum spent, she made it known that is somewhat she would really do because it is her job. And how much she spends to present herself the best way is not as important as doing what she considers the right thing for herself and the job. Yeah, a cup of motivation well served.

Well, South Africans are watching to see what the dress will look like.