Shugasmakx Replies Fans On Skwatta Kamp Owing SA Hip Hop A Documentary

Shugasmakx responds that Skwatta Kamp will definitely release a documentary.

Would you be eager to watch a film that unveils the journey of one of the most spectacular hip hip groups in South Africa? I bet you will!

South African hip hop looks like a new feature because it is the predominant genre that hosts several artists in South Africa. However, you will be shocked to find out that hip hop actually dates back to a long time and some living legends have contributed to the growth of the hip hop scene in Mzansi.

A member of the hip hop group, Skwatta Kamp, is talented rapper Shugasmaxx. He replied his fans concerning a possible movie about the group, Skwatta Kamp.

Other members of Skwatta Kamp include Nemza, Infadizle, Slikour, Bozza, and also the late Flabba. The last single dropped by the group was to pay tribute to the slain star. It is titled, ‘There You Go.’

If you are one of the lovers of Skwatta Kamp and have been eager to watch a documentary about the group, you should be excited because the documentary might be released soon. Shuga assured his fans that they should anticipate the release of the documentary.

Even though the members of Skwatta Kamp have dispersed, they did not neglect the culture. All members of the group are still playing a role in growing the South African hip hop scene, introducing new talents to the genre, presenting new music and also mentoring the young ones. They may also be busy on a documentary which we would all love to watch.

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