Simphiwe Dana Issues apologies to Musa Mseleku after attacking ‘Mnakwethu’

Simphiwe Dana apologises for attacking Musa Mseleku and Mnakwethu

Simphiwe Dana apologizes for attacking Musa Mseleku and his show, Mnakwethu.

We are all human, and sometimes we tend to go overboard with what we say and do about the things that hurt us. Mzansi star, Simphiwe Dana has obviously realized this and is feeling bad about her most recent actions.

Lately, no one is surprised when any particular celebrity calls out another one for whatever reason. Truth us, we live for the entertainment of it all. The back and forth can be really interesting to follow, and it is best when we don’t see the feud coming.

Last week the popular musician launched a series of tweets attacking popular polygamist and host of the show, Mnakwethu for portraying women in a bad light on his show. In her opinion, the show is all about humiliating women for entertainment.

She’s now tweeted a series of apologies saying she let her anger at the content of the show get to her personally and therefore took is out on Musa. She also apologised for whatever hurt her words caused him and his family.

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