Simphiwe Dana’s Album ‘Bamako’ May Very Well Be Her Last

Simphiwe Dana revealed that her album 'Bamako' may be the last she'll be releasing before leaving the music scene.

Multi-award-winning South African musician, Simphiwe Dana, has revealed that the last album she’ll ever make might be ‘Bamako.’

The talented songstress explained  that music is not financially sustainable. Fans of Simphiwe were shocked to hear that their favourite musician will be leaving the music scene. However, Simphiwe Dana announced that she will take her leave after releasing her highly-anticipated album titled ‘Bamako.’

Simphiwe, being a single mom, has revealed that her anxiety levels get affected by the instability. She also said that she loves to give a 120% to everything that she is doing. Because of this, she finds it challenging to expand or engage in other ventures.

The ‘Ndiredi’ hitmaker also revealed that she will be working on a new idea. This idea could grant her financial stability.

In tweets that are now deleted, Simphiwe Dana wrote that she did not have the intention to learn the hard way like her colleagues, Miriam Makeba and Busi Mhlongo.

Simphiwe has learnt that South Africans do not regard artists and she will not watch herself die like Miriam Makeba and Busi Mhlongo. Instead, she would step out of the music scene and look for greener pastures so as to cater to the needs of her family.

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