“Simphiwe Ngema” Accused of Scamming

Mzansi actress and presenter Simphiwe Ngema has been accused of scam by one of her followers on Facebook.

Speaking to Daily Sun, the unidentified woman stated that she had invested R1000 into “Simphiwe Ngema” hoping to earn a large interest in days. But she got blocked when she was due to collect her money with interest.

Apparently, the scam victim had been in communication with a fake account masquerading as the real Simphiwe Ngema. She had given R1000 to the person behind the account in the hope of having a huge interest on it.

She was blocked instead and she got nothing. So she had to cry out that she had been bilked.

Reacting to the whole drama, Simphiwe Ngema made it clear that it was a rogue account and she was not behind it. She also made it clear that she has been warning people against that account.

Criminals using the identities of celebs to bilk the unsuspecting public is nothing new. It happens again and again. And from the look of things, the crime is particularly prevalent in Mzansi.

Not all attempts to bilk the public this way have been successful, though. A default rule to stay safe out there is that when an offer appears too good to be true. It usually is.

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