Sindisiwe Manqele Talks Stabbing Flabba By Mistake in Video Interview – Watch

No one wants to die violently, but then fate can intrude in bloody ways – as happened with the Skwatta Kamp rapper Flabba, whose girlfriend Sindisiwe Manqele stabbed him to death several years ago.

During the trial, Sindisiwe had claimed that she had stabbed her man in error. But the court found it wasn’t an error and convicted. She had served years in prison and was ultimately granted parole. She became a hot cake for interviewers when she came out of jail.

She had a sit-down with MacG of Podcast and Chill, during which she shared the circumstances surrounding Flabba’s killing. She noted that she killed him in error – by a single stab to the chest. “I was a mistake.”

Perhaps so, but an expensive one that has haunted her to this day. And although she is out of jail now on parole, not many are impressed with her freedom after having killed someone.

While her trial lasted and before she was granted parole, Sindisiwe made it a policy to cover her face with a when whenever she was going to court. With her freedom, though, she had ditched the covering. Now she goes about with  her face uncovered like every n normal citizen.

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