Singer Mlindo The Vocalist and & Girlfriend Expecting Their First Child (Picture)

South African musician Mlindo The Vocalist is about to join the fathers’ club. of course, such news is something that would have a lot of people celebrating. The songster is no different. he’s walked into his happy hour.

The gossip page MDN News shared the news with the public in a recent post on X. In the said post, the songster could be seen in the company of his girlfriend and her friends.

The two of them were in the middle of the photograph while the friends stood on either side of them. One of the friends had one hand on the girlfriend’s stomach, creating an outline of her tummy.

South African popped into the comment section of the post to congratulate the couple. Some of them expressed their surprise at the news, pointing out that the pregnancy was not something they expected.

Anyway, Mlindo and his girlfriend will soon be parents. And, if the recent picture of them is anything to go by, then they are more than happy at the prospect of being parents for the first time.

Well, we will be here to break the news to you when she gives birth. Just tag along if you please.

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