Singer & Songwriter Coco Lee, 48, Dead By Suicide

Singer & Songwriter Coco Lee, 48, Dead By Suicide

To live, to live, and long to live. That is the prayer most people have about their lives. They want the longevity of Methuselah. But life no longer allows that much time, sadly people die way too young these days. It is even sadder when they take their own lives. Such was the morbid fate of Disney star Coco Lee, who just joined the league of the young dead. He took her own life aged 48.

The singer and songwriter had been dealing with depression, according to her two older sisters who have been observing her. On Sunday, while at home, she attempted suicide at home and was rushed to the hospital. Sadly, she gave up the ghost there.

Depression is one of the leading causes of suicide around the world. In a depressed mental state, many people feel like there is nothing to live for, that life is not worth another day, and they resort to taking the suicide path.

In December last year, the Chinese American had given insights into her mental state in an Instagram post in which she noted that love and faith are her two favourite words and they had kept her through unbearable times.

Sadly, those words couldn’t keep her beyond Sunday, July 2.