Singer Vusi Nova Addresses Muthaland Entertainment & Drug Abuse Claims

’s reality show Finding Bongani continues to throw up more dust, true to what it promised before it went live.

Earlier in the week, Mercy Pakela, one-time pop singer and former co-signer on Finding Bongani,  had claimed that of Muthland Entertainment had led Bongani and orders into the world of drugs, substance abuse.

She also claimed that besides leading Bongani into substance abuse, was stealing the money of the only son of the late .

However, , an associate of the label, was incredulous about Pakela’s claims. Responding, he had said that he was told to check out the episode in which Pakela claimed that Lance Stehr led Bongani and others into substance abuse.

Vusin Nova described Stehr as a good person and not the person Pakela and others are painting him to be. stated that he was actually the one who had a drug problem at some point.

Also, he insisted that he had already dealt with the problem when he met Stehr, but he told Stehr anyway, and the record label boss was quite supportive of him.

By the way, in a previous episode, Bongani’s wife had stated that she slaps him at random.

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