Singer Vusi Nova Reportedly Chases TK Records’ TK Nciza Out Of Zahara’s Home

South African singer Zahara might be dead, but it appears like the drama surrounding her demise is only just beginning.  According to reports currently making the rounds online, singer Vusi Nova chased away TK Nciza from the late Zahara’s house.

TK is the co-owner (with DJ Sbu) of TS Records, to which Zahara was previously signed. TK and DJ Sbu have had sporadic barrels with Zajara, with the late singer accusing the two of them of exploiting her and not paying her the royalties from the music she released while signed under the record label.

Both denied the claims, making it known that she got all her dues while signed to the record label. At the time of Zahara’s death, many South Africans had accused the two men of being indirectly responsible for her death.

according to these critics, the pair’s refusal to give the songstress her due made her fall into a serious depression which she fought by drinking heavily. Her drinking had reportedly led to massive liver failure which culminated in her death on December 11.

True or false, it is hard to determine. But TK thought it just right to visit Zahara’s home to share his condolences with her family. Zahara’s close friend Vusi Nova was having none of that and reportedly chased him away.

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