Sir Trill Drops His Debut Album – ‘Ghost’

Sir Trill is a well-known established household name in the South African music and entertainment scene, he however just expanded his fanbase with his first international show in the UK. How he made a name for himself was through features, and what many don’t know is that Sir Trill has sold multi-platinum records and won awards with just singles and features.

‘Ghost’ is Sir Trill’s debut 19-track album with versatile tracks that fans will not expect from the Amapiano singer and songwriter. The project features a long list of familiar industry faces, the singer teased the album back in 2021 with the single ‘Lwandle Xiluva’ featuring Jessica LM, ThackzinDJ, and Tee Jay.

  1. Introducing the album is ‘Busisa (intro)’ featuring Daughter and Zaba. Sir Trill gifts his fans with something different, and that is an afro-soul/pop song. Busisa directly translates, on the track, Sir Trill and his features ask God to bless the genre that is Amapiano simply because it is a genre that brings joy to people’s lives.
  1. Track number two is yet another unique offering to his fans, ‘Wena’ features the duo Disciples of House, this track is a fusion between the and Afro-Pop genres. Wena is a love song, meaning you, and the song openly talks about the beauty of choosing someone to love or being chosen by someone.
  1. The third track is guaranteed to have the country dancing and I best believe Mzansi will relate. Sir Trill collaborated with Soa Mattrix a significant contributor to the Amapiano scene to recreate a groove chant that has become a tradition at parties and events across the country. This one is titled ‘Why Ninga Lali Emakhaya’, a certified party anthem.
  1. The fourth track on the album is the first single to come off the project, this song was released about a year ago. ‘Lwandle Xiluva’ is another love song, speaking on how one’s love is as deep as the ocean. Lwandle Xiluva features Jessica LM, Thackzin DJ and Tee Jay. This song was also performed on Live Amp making its debut to the public.
  1. ‘Starring’ is the fifth track on the album, this one feature Emjaykeyz, Bailey, and DJ Givy Baby. The title is self-explanatory, starring refers to the main role or character in a movie or play, on this track Sir Trill refers to himself as the starring in the music industry, he is debatably one of the most talked about artists in the Country.
  1. The sixth track is titled ‘Bebengazi’, this one is once again with and Soa Mattrix this number is no stranger to the public, Sir Trill provided Bebengazi exclusively to YouTube, it was also one of the tracks he performed on Major League’s Piano City platform.
  1. The seventh track is another familiar one, this is another YouTube exclusive! Fans have been highly anticipating this release and now they can access it whenever they want. ‘Ibasi Labelungu’ features Soa Mattrix.
  1. Track number eight is ‘Jean to Gin’, this title comes from the slang term ‘jean to jean’, we use this term to describe an all-denim outfit worn by either a man or a woman. Sir Trill being creative that he is, turns it into a party term.
  1. ‘Mfaz’wo Mjita’ is the eighth track, this one has a chorus that is catchy and makes a great sing-along, the ‘john wick’ hitmaker collaborates with a camp of creative individuals; Pushkin, Springe, T&T MusiQ as well as Tycoon.
  1. The tenth track is with and Soa Mattrix, it is titled ‘iKoloi’, this jam is guaranteed to glue his fans to the dance floor, and it is the perfect usher to the next single on the tracklist.
  1. Coming in at number eleven is ‘Epatini’, this one can be described as a fun-filled Amapiano diss track! Epatini calls out all the people who do not clean up before going out, there are also some kwaito elements that come through not to mention a great sample from the classic Africanism – DJ Gregory hit.
  1. Number twelve is ‘Batlao Hurda’ with Soa Mattrix, batlao hurda is another slang term used by South Africans to describe a situation where you get hurt by your partner in a romantic relationship, that is exactly what this song translates to.
  1. On track number thirteen ‘Maboko’, Sir Trill collaborates with the Scorpion Kings Kabaza De Small and DJ Maphorisa as well as ‘Abo Mvelo’ hit maker Daliwonga on the vocals and ‘Ba Straata’ producer Vicsa, you know this is a smash hit!
  1. ‘Ngisize’ is the fourteenth track featuring the popular Khanyisa, Tycoon, and Marcus MC, this song can be described as heartfelt as much as it is a vibe. Ngisize is a call for help, a prayer, making it relatable.
  1. Sir Trill takes what the young kids know as Trapsoul to another level with ‘Nguwe’, teaming up with Tycoon and Marcus MC once again. Nguwe is a beautiful Amapiano love song, one we need for the wedding season in Mzansi.
  1. The sixteenth track on the album is the first single to come off the project his year, this one is in collaboration with the podcast king Mac G as well and Emjaykeyz, the song is titled ‘Nkantin’.
  1. ‘Next Door’ is track number seventeen with T&T MusiQ and Happy Jazzman, this will have the country dancing, Sir Trill makes sure of it by combining tiny elements from hits from the 2000s.
  1. The second last track is ‘Abayazi Abay’funayo’, produced by Soa Mattrix. This track is traditional music fused with Amapiano creating a unique sound.

Closing off the body of work is the outro which is titled ‘Ngilinde’, featuring Raspy and Yumbs, Sir Trill shuts it down elegantly! This album proves his consistency.

Ghost will e available to he public midnight: You can be the first by signing up here:

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