Exploitation: Sir Trill Makes Shocking Confession About His Hit Songs

Hit songs are supposed to be cash cows of sorts for the musicians who own them, as the world jams to what has been made. So it is all shades of interesting when a musician says that he has not made a cent from his hit songs.

Well, that is what South African musician Sir Trill has just admitted to. According to the songster, who just made a return to Twitter after a brief break, he has made so many hits but has never seen a cent from them all. You can check out the tweet below.

His word provoked a debate on South Africa’s Twitter, with many wondering how that was even possible, especially as those he worked with actually made money from the same released music. And yet others made it clear that he is not okay given what he has been through.

Actually, Sir Trill complaining about not making money from his song despite having made hits in the past is nothing new. South Africans get to see sporadic complaints of the same form.

Anyway, having noted that he has made a cent from his hits so far, he just might be on the way to having the issue resolved and getting his money.

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