Sir Trill & Nkosazana Daughter Have split

According to reports, Piano stars Sir Trill and Nkosazana Daughter have split after dating for a while.

Everyone knows how private Sir Trill and Nkosazana Daughter are. The two are among the most famous vocalists in the country, and they have massive hits to their name. They have also been rumoured to be dating each other.

According to reports, they welcomed a child together in December 2022, but they have neither confirmed nor refuted the claims. Musa Khawula recently took to his vlog to announce that the lovebirds have split. In a lengthy rant, he said that Trill had dumped Nkosazana Daughter and their baby.

He also accused the singer of being terrible and not showing up to gigs, being a risk to book in SA, being blacklisted in Ghana, and being on the brink of suicide. The report has shocked fans of the singer, who had previously shared that he doesn’t make a cent for the music he has made.

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