Sithelo Shozi Dismisses Claims Of Facing Hard Times After Deactivating Instagram Account

Sithelo Shozi Accused Of PR Stunts After Deactivating Her Social Media Accounts Following Child Abduction Claims

Andile Mpisan’s baby mam Sithelo Shozi has not been heard from for a while. She has even deactivated her Instagram account and has been keeping to herself. This has led to speculation that she is facing hard times.

Sithelo Shozi had a public fight with her baby daddy and his mother over claims that they took her child, Flo, from her and have refused her access to the kid ever since. At the time she made the statement, the family has debunked it, insisting that the kid has been with them since her birth.

Anyway, after a long back and forth, Sithelo had deactivated her Instagram account, and when she failed to return for a while, speculations started flying about that she was facing hard times and had to stay away from social media.

However, in a recent interview, she rubbished the claims, insisting that her leaving the medium was deliberate, and in the time she left, she is now attuned to herself spiritually. She has gained much from being away from the platform. However, according to her, people are talking because she is a force and people have no choice but to talk about her – and they will continue to talk about her