Sithelo Shozi Vanishes From Social Media Afert Accusing Andile Mpisane & Mum Of Abducting Baby Flo

There is a new twist in the drama between South African disc jockey Sithelo Shozi, her baby daddy Andile Mpisane and his mother SHauwn Mkhize. After accusing mother and son of taking her baby girl Flo away from her, she has mysteriously deactivated all her social media accounts.

After making such weighty allegations against Andile Mpisane and his mother, many expected her to stick around and maybe drop more information about the whole controversy from time to time. But Sithelo Shozi is nowhere to be found on social media.

Her disappearance has left social media streets divided, with some supporting her and wishing her strength through her “difficult period,” and others accusing her of running away after making grievous allegations against the father of her child.

In an earlier court deposition, Sithelo Shozi had claimed that her baby Flo was taken from her when she visited her baby daddy at his crib last year. She had asked the court to help her get her child back.

However, contrary to what Sihelo Shozi had claimed all along, Shauwn Mkhize has countered that baby Flo has been living with them since her birth.

Will there be an end to the drama? You may tag along.

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