Sithelo Sjhozi Breaks Down In Court During Hearing of Child Abduction Case Against Andile Mpisane

It is a new scene in the drama between Andile Mpisane and his baby Mama Sithelo Shozi, as they both appear in court over the alleged kidnapping of their daughter Flo.

Sihelo Shozi is claiming that Andile Mpisane and his wealthy mother Shauwn Mkhize had kidnapped her daughter from her and never returned the baby. What should have been a simple visit to the Mpisane household, accord to her, turned into a nightmare, as they took the baby from her and have refused to return her since.

Back then, in contrast to her claim, Shauwn Mkhize had noted that the kid had been with them all along and that the claim of kidnap was totally unfounded. Sithelo Shozi wants her baby back, and she is doing everything in her power to see that happen.

Baby Flo recently celebrated her third birthday, and it appeared to be a lull in the controversy over custody between the couple. Sithelo Shozi had levelled a child abduction charge against the Royal AM chairman, who showed up at the Durban Point Family Court for the hearing of the case.

Sithelo Shozi wept in court, but Andile Mpisane appeared unbothered by the weight of the allegations against him, according to sources.

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