SIU Investigation Confirms Terry Pheto Received Additional R1M After Spending R3M On Mansion

The drama isn’t over yet for actress Terry Pheto, whose Braynston property was recently slated for auction after the authorities determined that she acquired the home through funds belonging to the National Lottery Commission (NLC).

Before the whole controversy spilt into the open, the actress had initially denied she acquired the property through NLC funds. But the Special Investigation Unit (SIU) found otherwise and called for bids to auction the property. Now it has also been revealed that she received an additional R1 million after spending an initial R3 million of NLC money.

She reportedly received the additional funds through her not-for-profit organization called Sunguti Projects. At the time of writing, the actress has not said anything about the additional R1 million she had reportedly gotten from the NLC which was not spoken of previously.

However, South Africans who have heard of the additional funds she had allegedly creamed off for herself were somewhat outraged, with many insisting that she should face the law and rot in jail for her actions.

Amid her NLC travails, not much has been heard of Arthur Mafokate’s own story, as he also stands accused of using NLC funds for personal profit, including acquiring a plush home.

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