Siv Ngesi Reacts To The Backlash Over His National Anthem Video

South African media personality Siv  Ngesi has finally responded to those criticising the way he Sung South Africa’s national Anthem in France just before the Rainbow Nation faced their French counterparts in the Rugby World Cup.

In a clip currently making the rounds, Siv could be seen passionately singing the South African national anthem alongside his compatriots. His singing did not please some people and they accused him of being “extra” with his performance.

After a short silence, Siv shared snaps from his adventure in France, calling out his critics for living miserable lives while he gets paid to travel the world. You can check out his tweet below.

His fans popped in the comments to show their support. Most of them encouraged him to ignore his critics, as their criticisms mostly stemmed from their being miserable and envious of what he had accomplished and the life he had ahead of him.

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