Siv Ngesi Shares Comedic Moment While Using Uber In Johannesburg

South African actor Siv Ngesi has shared a hilarious encounter he had during a trip to Johannesburg, and he had his audience laughing out loud.

Ride-hailing services are not exactly novel, but they are pretty convenient for those who can afford them. The stories patrons share about their experiences while using the service will make a book – from the good to the hilarious and the ugly.

In a recent tweet, Siv Ngema left his audience in stitches when he recalled the moment he decide to use Uber. The driver came, all right, but during the trip, he asked to use the actor’s actor.

The request was usual and Siv was like, huh? He didn’t inform his fans whether or not he eventually hotspot the rider, but he made it clear that Johannesburg is a movie of sorts. You can check out his post below.

The comment section was thronged by tweeps sharing similar experiences. One of them noted that his sweep helper even asked for his wifi password before she began the working of sweeping his apartment. Another tweep joked that the driver must be a budding capitalist, and yet another joked that the driver must be on MTN. Can you beat that?

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