Siya Kolisi Teases Handre Pollard For Shyness During Interview

Watch Springboks star Handre Pollard get teased by team captain Siya Kolisi for his shyness during an interview.

The Springboks are currently the most talked about people in the country right now. The team made the country proud when they brought home the win following the just-concluded Rugby World Cup in France. This made them back-to-back champions, and Mzansi celebrated their return in style.

While some have basked in the spotlight, others seem to shy away from it. Take flyhalf Handre Pollard, who appeared to freeze when the focus was on him. A recent video of him getting shy on camera has been making rounds on social media.

The host, Mpho Popps, asked him what he missed the most when he was playing at the Rugby World Cup, and he seemed too shy and reluctant to answer. The team captain, Siya Kolisi, tried to make him loosen up a bit by teasing him. The video has gotten hilarious reactions from Mzansi.

They hailed Kolisi for being a great captain and helping his team. @thumek5837 wrote, “Ncooooh my Dimples is overwhelmed bethuha. He is excellent, so calm. I had to record his first kick on the RWC tournament.” @thandoau also replied that “Siya is the best cheerleader ever.”

Watch the video here.

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